a piece on uncompiled scripts


"They wanted some corner in the universe of which they could say to God, 'This is our business, not yours.' But there is no such corner. They wanted to be nouns, but they were, and eternally must be, mere adjectives."

- Clive Staples Lewis, Problem of Pain

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(©2002 L. Ang)

All of the LScripts contained in The Spread are available for download as they stand, not providing guarantees of any kind to their functionality with LightWave 3D. You use them at your own risk; I will not be held accountable for any undesirable incidents that may arise from using these LScripts. The only guarantee The Spread makes is that these scripts are offered without malicious intent.

Please be cognizant of the naming convention I use to denote the architecture the script was coded for.

GN :: Generic
MC :: Master Class (Master Plug-ins)
CF :: Channel Filter (Channel Modifier : Graph Editor)
DM:: Displacement Map (Displamement Map: Object Properties)
IA :: Item Animation (Motion Modifier : Motion Options)
IF :: Image Filter (Image Filter : Image Processing)

Those lacking a suffix are Modeler LScripts.

Greetings. You are in The Spread.


Since the release of the LScript version 2.6 a number of bugs have been reported that have affected many LScripts all around. These bugs render some scripts totally useless, while some only impair functionality or create particular bugs. Due to the number of LScripts in The Spread, I am not able to test / correct them all. Until a sufficient LScript patch is released by Newtek, I will revert back to using LightWave 7.5, and thus I will not revise these scripts to work with v2.6, unless I deem these revisions as minor.

I am putting up a list (seen below this) of known LScripts that have been either rendered useless in LW7.5b or have been corrected:

1.) NonLinearMorphDM
      - Unworkable in LScript v2.6 - use LW7.5 or abandon this)


All the script you find in The Spread are currently not receiving any development. Bug reports, while they are welcomed, will not be processed until I decide once more to opening my LScript out for development once again.



Temporary Bulletin:

Due to the buggy LScript v2.6 release, many of the compiled Modeler scripts will be rendered useless. However, this particular bug requires no code change, so simply drop me an email so I can recompile the LScript for you.

The following Modeler LScripts have, to date, been recompiled for LScript v2.6.

1.) Extender(i) / Extend&PPSnap
2.) PointCloneExtra3
3.) SplitPolygons(i)

Extender(i) (v.1.3)     -Last Revision (03.14.03) -
   :: non-looping version of Extender.
   :: Extend&PPSnap: combines Extender and PeriPointSnap.
   :: update: toggles polygons to subpatches depending on context.
   :: AlignPolys(i): align polys without needing to deselect points.

PointCloneExtra3 (v.2.2)     -Last Revision (03.14.03) -
   :: now enables for polygon normal cloning and orientation

SplitPolygons(i) (v.2.2)      -Released (02.10.03) -
   :: quickly split polys based on point selection.
   :: CreateInbetweenPointsPoly: insert points in polys.

AlignPoints (v2.0)       -Last Revision (02.10.03) -
   :: aligns points along a user-defined vector.
   :: AlignByRotation: rotates instead of move to align vectors.
   :: FaceAlongPrincipalAxis: rotates to face major axes.
   :: AlignPoly2Rail: rotates to orient to beginning of spline.

UVWeightConversion (v.2.2)      -Released (02.10.03) -
   :: converts UV Maps to Weight Maps and vice versa.

FreezeSpline (v.2.2)      -Released (01.05) -
   :: have segment control in freezing curves.

SelectVMap (v.2.2)      -Released (01.05) -
   :: select VMaps of types Weight, Texture, and Relative Morphs.

EndomorphConversion (v.2.2)      -Last Revision (01.05) -
   :: convert between Absolute and Relative Morphs.

MirrorWeightMaps (v2.2)     -Last Revision (01.05) -
   :: mirrors weight maps of selected points.
   :: MirrorMorphMaps: mirrors morph maps.

PerspicaciousQuads (v2.0)     -Last Revision (12.12) -
   :: this baby will make quad polygons, all the time!

SkelegonUtilities (v2.2)
   :: batch rename, match VMap to skelegon
   :: remove zero value maps.

SymmetryTools (v2.0)
   :: symmetry variants of MakePolygon, Extender(i),
   :: update: toggles polygons to subpatches depending on context.
   :: AlignPolys(i): align polys without needing to deselect points.

LayerTools (v.2.0)
   :: insert, remove, scroll up or down layers.

LWOBatchTransform (v.2.0)
   :: executes various transforms on all objects in a directory.

PointCloneExtra (v.2.0)
   :: script version of Point-Clone-Plus.

SnapSets (v.1.3)
   :: point-to-point snap functions.
   :: USnap and VSnap that works with texture maps

SplineTools (v.2.3)
   :: quickly insert splines within a spline cage.

ToggleSubPatch (v.2.0)
   :: toggles Subpatch regardless of point / polygon selection.

ToolSets (v.2.0)
   :: tools use geometry extents to supply their vectors.
   :: Rotate(i), Scale(i), Mirror(i), Lathe(i), Weld(i), ScaleToFit.
   :: Split(i) script: splits n-gons based on your point selection.

VMapScroll (v.2.0)
   :: use the keyboard to scroll down VMaps.


Temporary Bulletin:

The following scripts have been known to crash ScreamerNet:
1.) MorphDriverCF
2.) PViewMC
3.) FrameAliasMC

The crash is attributed to a bug in the LScript plugins though that has been confirmed by Bob Hood. The scripts have been recoded to bypass the bug.

DisplayLayersMC (v2.4)      -Last Revision (03.10.03) -
   :: control display and render attributes via a layer system

PathAnimationIA (v2.3)      -Last Revision (03.09.03) -
   :: envelopeable path animation using motion paths as reference.
   :: ItemAttribs2Motion: create motion paths based on selected items.

MirrorChannelKeysGN (v2.5)      -Released (02.25.03) -
   :: mirror channel keyframe between objects.

FamilyCloneGN (v.2.0)      -Last Revision (02.25.03) -
   :: clones and formates multiple heirarchies in L6.

QuickSelectMC (v2.5)      -Last Revision (01.05) -
   :: assign Layout items to up to seventy (70) keyboard shortcuts.
   :: SpeedSelect: auxillary system requring no UI to operate.

StickyBonesGN (v2.3)      -Last Revision (01.05) -
   :: attempts to mimick skelegon behavior in Layout.

PViewMC (v2.3)      -Last Revision (11.22) -
   :: render perspective view or othorgraphic views.
   :: improved positioning code.
   :: fixed light view rendering.

NonLinearMorphDM (v2.3)      -Released (11.11) -
   :: non-linear morphing using Endomorphs.

ItemRenamerGN (v2.3)      -Last Revision (11.10) -
   :: rename a series of Layout items.

PViewGN (v.2.0)      -Last Revision (11.10)-
   :: moves selected item to match perspective view.
   :: PViewGN_CreateLight: create lights in your perspective view.
   :: LViewGN_Render: render your light view.

FrameAliasMC (v2.1)
   :: assign comments to frame numbers for easy reference.

SelectFavoritesMC (v2.3)
   :: selects favs by listbox (ala Item Picker)
   :: or by proxy item (ala Proxy Picker).

ChannelSetsMC (v2.3)
   :: create keyframes only on specified channels.
   :: added shift and scale key times and values.
   :: added option for setting default incoming curves.

SetDrivenKeyEXCF (v2.5)
   :: relate two channel values with each other using curves.
   :: added IK Readers to coordinate with IK data.

ToolTrackerMC (v2.1)
   :: keeps track of the last tool used on an item.

SlideThingMC (v2.5)
   :: an alternate sliders solution.

SetDrivenKeyCF (v2.5)
   :: improved alternative to Channel Follower / Set Driven Key.

BoneLatticeGN (v2.3)
   :: creates a bone cage (lattice) around a mesh.

PortableTimelineMC (v2.3)
   :: a panel-based slider timeline that is resizeable.

CreateNullsGN (v2.0)
   :: creates nulls with particular relationships to the selected item.

KeySwitcherGN (v2.2)
   :: a mode-based keyboard shortcut system.

MorphDriverCF (v2.3)
   :: JointMorph-like functionality by way of Channel Filter.

AdoptionGN (v1.4)
   :: batch parenting for L5.5 Layout. Requires SceneMan.

BoneSetGN (v.2.0)
   :: activates, deactivates and rests bones.

DuplicityGN (v.1.4)
   :: clones heirarchies for L5.5. Requires SceneMan.

MotionCycleGN (v.2.0)
   :: creates keyframes to simulate offset repeat behavior.

MultiMotionGN (v.2.0)
   :: saves out multiple motion files in one go.

QuickSelectGN (v.2.0)
   :: select Layout items using keyboard keys.

SnapLayoutGN (v.2.0)
   :: snap Layout items to other items' position, rotation and scale.

TargetterGN (v.2.0)
   :: masse targetting and IK goaling.

ConstrainItemIA (v.2.0)
   :: constrain one item to another for a specified period of time.

DOFToAlphaIF (v.2.0)
   :: turns calculated DOF settings into alpha images.

RackFocusCF (v.2.0)
   :: controls focal distance of camera through null objects.
   :: communicates focal distance through IPC to DOFToAlphaIF.